Pentatonic Lab Vol.4 Brushes Update!

I’ve updated Pentatonic Lab Vol.4 with a set of Lydian Chord Brushes. With those in your hands, there is one more reason to start your Lydian pentatonic venture.

One Chord Brush is a set of chords that will help you compose.

There are three different files per Brush to ensure that (hopefully) most people can make use of them:

One, Chord Triggering, Midi Rack Extension for Ableton (MAC/WIN)

One Preset for MidiTrigger in Logic (iOS)

One Preset for ChordPolyPad (iOS)

ChordpolyPad is especially interesting because it can be used to send midi from your iOS device to any DAW of your choice.

Here is the list of available brushes:

12 - Triad Brushes

20 - 7th Voicing Brushes

8 - 4th Voicing Brushes

Happy composing everyone!

Moving on to promote Pentataonic Lab products...

I’m taking what I've learned from posting Penta-7 videos and applying it to Pentatonic Lab products. If you like what I’m doing with Flyby Audio please subscribe to one of my channels. This way you won't miss any free content that will come your way. Thank you for listening and till the next one!!


Feeding Instagram with Penta-7 Set Brushes

I`ve been working on presenting every Brush(chord generator) from the Penta-7 Set on Instagram. Doing that, I’m trying not to forget one of Bob Ross’s famous rules. There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.